Allow for more characters (full Unicode) in names


Hi, I’d like to use more characters in transitions and state names, in particular colon, semi-colon, less and greater than, slash, backslash, dollar, at-sign, pipe symbol, equal, quote, double-quote, percentage, parentheses (round, curly and square), exclamation mark, and tilde symbol.

It would be very useful to be able to sketch a user flow, e.g. “click Menu: Departments > Books & Audible > Children’s Books -> Children’s Books”).

Based on the parse error that is displayed, it seems like you’ve intentionally excluded ranges from the Unicode set (e.g. \u0300-\u036F), so perhaps there is some technical reason behind this. In case including such characters breaks some of the functionality (e.g., exporting or using prototypes), please consider introducing a way to switch to an “expressive” mode for a sketch (enabling Unicode but disabling the extra-functionality), so users can select per sketch whether or not they want to use extra functionality vs. more expressiveness.