Code / diagram folding

Firstly: THANK YOU!

Secondly: Feature request:

There is a feature that I keep reaching for in the editor that would be a great quality-of-life improvement for me: folding of the code/diagram in the editor view.

When presenting sketches to my team I find myself creating a sequence of sketches that incrementally build up the detail, one step at a time. I’ll start with the top-level parent states, save a version, create a new sketch and add some child states.

I’ll then present the sequence of sketches to the team, from the high-level overview, to the detailed level view. Sometimes I’ll have 5-10 sketches saved and bookmarked to help explain the system. A bit laborious and really tedious when I need to edit all the versions to maintain consistency.

This would be so much easier if I could incrementally unfold a sketch - either in the Spec window or the Diagram window (in the same way that expanding and collapsing states in the XState visualizer works).

The folding between the spec and the diagram could be coupled so that hiding/revealing lines in the Spec could be mirrored in the Diagram.