Is there a plugin for JetBrains IDE?


Currently using to design some pieces of project and wondering, is there a plugin for JetBrains IDE that can execute the syntax and render the diagram inside of IDE window? That would be very helpful so I could keep my sketches inside the project’s tree and track them in my project’s main repository. Thanks!


Hey Vladimir!

We haven’t done any IDE plugins so far. The idea has come up a few times, along with possible integration into tools for visual design, planning, and devops.

It’s certainly interesting, but something we’d want to further understand before making any implementation decisions. In your case, it sounds like the primary use cases are:

  • Information at the point of need (in the IDE). Can you clarify on how this differs significantly for your workflow from having the diagram open in a browser window?

  • Version tracking. The text sketch/spec could be kept right in the repo and version tracked. Are there any other advantages to this for you besides version tracking? (e.g. collaboration with teammates)

  • Anything else I’m missing?

Would there be any downsides for you with a plugin vs. the web app? (e.g. not as accessible for stakeholders that aren’t comfortable with git or the IDE, don’t have permissions, etc.)

Any information you can provide on how you’re using in your workflow is also helpful: What parts of your product are you using it for? When are you using it? (Keeping it as a living spec, or just using it early to think about design?) Do you ever share parts of specs between projects? Do you use it as a scaffold for a production FSM?



Hi! For me this is mostly the convenience issue. I’m using it to design the flows for the part of UX to reimplement it by using FSM. I’m keeping it in git repository so that it would be easily accessible for all out team members (with history of changes), so currently I need to switch between IDE and browser while working on it.