Layout / View option



In sites like and they have a layout or view option.
This allows you to decide how the four panels (spec, code, diagram, prototype) is shown.

Being able to change this would be preferable.
One use case is just showing the two panels diagram and prototype for exploring the diagram.
Or to show Spec and Diagram if you have no prototype.


Thanks for the suggestion. I think your use cases are good ones:

  • Demo mode: Show diagram and prototype to walk through states w/ visual representation.
  • No prototype: More screen real estate for the spec and diagram when prototypes aren’t necessary.

One other potential view option is being able to pop out the prototype panel into a seperate window. Codepen Pro offers something similar. I think the use cases here would be less cross-browser testing and more for prototypes that require a lot of screen real estate. We’ve seen a lot of no-prototype sketches and small component sketches, so not sure how useful this would be.

Any other combinations that would be useful?


I would love to have Diagram only view.