Shared / external CSS source


Hi, is it possible to load an external css source in order to reference it from simple class declarations?


Hey @ste— Not possible at the moment, but adding a CSS panel to the playground is something @kevin and I have talked about.

My personal feeling is that inlining CSS inside of the Javascript prototype code works OK for simple things. When prototypes get more visually complex, though, it can be a pain to write out and manage a lot of lines of CSS inside of the JS.

Is that the same issue you’re having?


My idea was that it would be really useful to be able to design and prototype components in a design system where you already have tons of shared CSS declarations for most of the basic parts, like fonts styles and sizes, button shapes or form fields. In that matter, the ability to load an external file or a css tab where you can copy/paste the bulk of your existing base declarations would come @ handy, leaving css in the component for the specific and overrides parts. Looking forward to try your app on the field!


Makes sense, thanks for clarifying.

@kevin and I knocked around some ideas today for quickly allowing an external CSS file to be hooked up. If we get that implement in the near term, I’ll be sure to let you know here and link you to a tutorial on it. Thanks for the suggestion!