Showcase (Show and Tell)

Hey, I’m curious to see what you all have been building and how you’ve been doing it. Maybe this can be the show and tell thread?

Here’s one from me to get started:

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@steveruizok This is super cool, nice job! I like that you went all-in and wired up javascript event handlers in the prototype too!

Since it seems like you are familiar with coding, I’m curious: Did you run into any problems trying to code within Are there any things you wish the editor would let you do (e.g., undo/redo, some kind of code export, an n-up view where you can see the prototype in all possible states, etc.)?

I’m getting this when I click on the link:

Thanks for the report! We ran into some github API rate limiting issues, which I’ve since resolved. Link should work fine now.

This is so cool. It looks amazing.

This looks awesome! My only suggestion is that when in the unlocked + pressed state, the mouseLeave event should take the button back to unlocked state rather than hovered.

Here’s my first ever attempt based on the exercise from the egg timer tutorial, feedback and critique would be welcome: